Bombinate: to buzz; hum. Let’s start from the bottom up, shall we?

The basis being basics.1 I’ve put off venturing into fashion for multiple reasons, one of which being that I felt uncomfortable with the idea of proclaiming I was more “fashion forward” than the next person, especially since throwback photos of my younger goth/punk rock phase would be much better thrown out (and burnt). Though I have yet to come to some life changing revelation where I’ve deemed myself worthy of being a “fashionista”, I just thought it was about time to do something that I never thought I’d end up having the balls to do.

Secondly, and I guess most importantly, I’d always assumed I’d need a bottomless bank account to afford luxurious clothes, fabulous hair & make-up and a jet-setting lifestyle. I mean who would want to read about some plain jane who doesn’t own the latest trend du jour, let alone comb her hair on a daily basis? Now as much as I love self deprecating humour, here’s the catch; we don’t need a bottomless wardrobe full of the latest looks to have “style”, nor do I believe that having a deliciously expensive lifestyle (though I would love to) is going to largely change my destiny in making something happen.

Fashion fades, only style remains – Coco Chanel


Kinda pretentious to be  quoting Coco at the get go, but you know, you can hardly go wrong with Chanel. Let’s dig deep (into our closets I mean) and find life in the tried and true.  You can’t go wrong with a good white shirt and jeans, which in this case was savagely shredded by yours truly. The same way manners makes the man, basics don’t make the “basic bitch”, catch my drift?

Top: Uniqlo, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Topshop


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