Taking a first glance at this deadlocked, black-clad babe that credits the Olsen Twins and B.Akerlund as her style icons, you wouldn’t suspect that her foray into fashion and styling was inspired by playing with Barbie as a child. But that’s what you have to love about her, she’s full of surprises.


Her personal style is evident; comfort, jeans, statement shoes and of course dark hues. “I can’t live without good jeans, gold rings, and a statement bag or shoe, generally any piece with an interesting cut or detailing. But in this hot weather, I’d have to have a good pair of denim shorts, a platform shoe, a cross-body bag and a knitted top from a Swedish brand I got in Robinsons.”

Brand styles she loves are Opening Ceremony, Y-3, Faustine Steinmetz and MMM/MM6, with her of-the-moment fashion favourites being outfits from Playhound by Greyhound, and accessories from Maria Francesca Pepe.


Quintessentially quirky, she brings her own flair when styling on projects (as seen to the left and below).

“I think a lot of inspiration in Fashion comes through Art (or at least for me). Any form of art medium interests me, there’s just so much of a story within a piece. What intrigues me is to be able to style an individual or theme based on a creative concept that portrays who they are, or to create another ‘reality’ through fashion.”

Since studying and working in the UK, her style perspective has transformed, explaining that being in the UK has given her greater exposure to the industry, arts, and self-expression. “Magazines in the UK cater to a really broad spectrum of style personalities, museums have monthly exhibitions, and generally there’s freedom to dress without having to consciously conform.


When talking about the big money question (literally), she shared that if she had an infinite budget, she’d love to dress herself in Celine “The Row”, own Valentino dresses, have COMME DES GARCON pieces to admire, Manish Arora for decoration and of course, Maison Margiela for everything.


So what’s in store for the gutsy girl? (you’ve gotta have guts for those dreads) “I would love to style for music artists, individuals like Bjork or Sky Ferreira, anyone really, and I’d love to explore other aspects of fashion, there’s so much to learn.

Belda wears a Top from Zara, Jeans from TaoBao, Adidas sneakers, and bag from Alexander Wang.

Credits to Jonathan Liu, Lovelle Debra Tan, and Hilary Yeo on featured images 2 & 3.


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