Skating responsibilities

This post comes in the midst of me as usual, being in a frenzy I’ve cornered myself into. The past weekend since my last update has been me running to and from castings, shoots, getting my hair chopped up and dyed 4 times over and most importantly, leaving my final assignment to the last moment.

With all of that said, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. One way I cope with the frantic running and lugging around 4 different outfits in a tote bag that’s half my body size are these MC-Hammer-esque joggers. Joggers are huge right now going hand in hand with the sport-street trend, but with all the perks the trend comes with, ultimate comfort being my favourite, it’s easy for some of us to get trapped in a space of “blah” with the simplicity of this trend.


This drop-crotched genie cut pair possesses a surprisingly structured feel, with an almost draped cut in the front. I’m loving the latest Topshop collections (which is where I found these babies) because I love a look that feels effortlessly tailored. This genie cut isn’t for everyone, and I’d be the first person to admit that. It isn’t a traditional cut that flatters the body and it’s not designed to bring the boys to the yard, but who is to say it can’t?


Personally speaking, these pants were a daunting pair.

I’m a pear shaped gal myself that has tried an infinite number of ways to make my legs and hips look longer and more slender than they actually are, so these pants were extremely foreign territory but the beautiful thing about foreign territory is exploration, and the possibilities are endless.

I styled these joggers with a to-the-body  cut crop and a floral platform sneaker to play on shapes, elongating the silhouette and adding a pop of colour. Especially in this case with the cut of the joggers being the central point of the outfit, less is more. A loose silk top or camisole paired with a simple pair of strapped heels and a large statement accessory would make for a more feminine, dressed up spin on the look.


Joggers, regardless of cut, fundamentally require us to have an attitudinal adjustment. Kick back, prop your feet on the table and drop whatever it is you’re thinking about. Get over your hip to bust ratio, forget about the million and one things you have to do by Sunday for a sec. Drop your crotch hem and chill the hell out, doctor’s orders.

Top from H&M, Joggers from Topshop, Sneakers from a flea market and necklace from Stoned by Q.


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