Meet Uli, of ulimali.blogspot.sg. Model, photographer, blogger, and full time student, this girl is an ultimate inspiration. Down to earth and lovably honest, she confesses that she can’t live without her phone, and that if she had an unlimited budget, she’d get herself a castle in England and make a piñata filled with shoes for  a friend’s wedding!


Describing her style as feminine, edgy and polished, she achieves a truly unique look, frequenting thrift stores like the Salvation Army store at Bukit Timah and New2U at Waterloo Street. Currently in love with the 70’s vibe, she shares that trends and looks are all about playing with shapes. “Now a days I have to look for more practical stuff cause of school, so I’m also into more separates, basics and quirky accessories.”

She cites her mother as one of the reasons she was drawn to fashion adding “Aiya, I just want to look pretty, is that reason okay? I guess its also kind of like the way people like to collect things like stamps, I like to collect clothes!”

While I met Uli in business school, she’s since gone on to pursue arts in LASELLE, where she finds that arts school has allowed her to be more experimental with her style, and develop a deeper appreciation for art, tattoos, and the handiwork that goes into everyday pieces. “Attitude wise I’m different too. When you’re studying business people tend to be smart talkers, but studying in arts people are more brutally honest and dramatic, and the environment you’re in will affect you. I also deeper understand how important it is to respect an artist’s space, we should show mutual respect for artists and their work by giving them creative freedom.”

Uli is a real natural in front of the camera (and behind), which is no wonder why local labels like KLARRA and Dressabelle love to work with her too. A supporter of the local fashion scene, she shares “When the country is more prosperous, it’s the perfect time for people to look at something more beautiful. I think most people are obsessed with European brands like Chanel and Balenciaga, but for people to appreciate the local scene, they have to be genuinely interested in fashion. In the same way, local brands have to be smart about their designs and not be too niche for the local market.”

Having started her blog in 2011, this powerhouse babe remains genuinely interesting and fresh, which is no small feat.


“My inspiration for projects comes a lot from my feelings, and I’m quite heavily inspired by music so it depends on what I’m listening to. In poly I was into metal and punk, a lot of European stuff. My all time favourite band is My Chemical Romance, they always have a place in my heart! Right now, I listen to a lot of experimental stuff, some EDM, Grimes, Florence and The Machine, Die Antwood and I’m dying over FKA TWIGS!” 

Her personal style muses are amongst the likes of FKA Twigs and Florence Welch, two beauties that have a timeless style all their own.

She admits that of late she hasn’t been as diligent in updating her blog as she used to be, sharing “I felt like quitting for a while because I felt over saturated with fashion from being in arts school. But I’m over that phase because I realised my blog is the only place I can do whatever the hell I want. Like in school we have a lot of briefs when we do a project, so now I treasure it cause it’s rare you find something where you have full control.”


While this bright beauty faces a cross roads, trying to choose between further pursuing fashion as a full-time career or taking a safer path with a government job, she still hopes to find a balance in working for a prominent fashion company like Charles and Keith (heads up Charles and Keith).


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