Getting stoned

I’ve got a confession to make, I’m a gemstone nerd. Not in the sense that I just love shiny stones, don’t get me wrong I love that too, but I mean I’m WAY into the science of it. I’m the girl lurking around the jewellery counter running a Google background check of each stone that catches my eye. It makes me feel like a B-grade charmed sister witch, the good sort of course, I think. I discovered this during my brief period of rocking a full head of purple hair, holla at me Nymphadora Tonks. While the hair is gone, the feeling remains.


Of late I’ve also found I’ve developed an insane attachment to my manicures, I’ve begun to feel almost naked with bare fingernails. That’s where I started to realise, the devil’s in the details. It’s the finishing touches that make me feel best about myself on any given day. Whether it’s forming a fantasy in my head, or just being able to add an extra oomph to an otherwise normal outfit.

This month I went for a dark emerald and black ying-yang design with two strange seeing eye french tips. I dipped my toe into the long claw-like nail pool and have been submerged head deep ever since. For the rings, the three stones featured are Druzy, Labradorite, and Sunstone.


While I’m off wandering in my own slice wonderland, what are some wardrobe or beauty bits that get you feeling at the top of your game (be it real or mythical)?

FullSizeRender_3All gemstone rings from Stoned by Q, Silver beetle ring from a market in Thailand, knuckles rings from H&M, Pearl ring and gold cage ring from Foundry&Co.

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