How to simplify

Fashion in a sense, demands us to stick out from masses while following a herd ideal, doesn’t it? Blogshops in Singapore have changed the shopping game; cheap, super accessible, it’s as casual as picking up groceries: dangerous. It’s left my wardrobe housing a number of “trendy” pieces I’ve worn a handful of times before wondering why the hell I bought it in the first place.


I’m in the midst of a closet clearing situation that many can relate to; who stays and who goes? I’d be the first to admit parting with clothes I don’t even feel like wearing on a normal day to day basis pains me when it comes to crunch time. I might be 5 months too late into my resolutions but this year is the year of simplification.

A clear wardrobe makes for  clear mind, sometimes having too many things screaming at you makes the decision making so much worse; so here’s some tips I’ve found helpful:

1) Think of shopping as an investment, how much is this piece going to give something back to you? It’s great to find cheap trendy buys, but remember to ask yourself how much it fits your style profile.

2) Take some time to think about you. Sounds very self-help but it makes all the difference. Simply put, if you don’t know where you want to go, then you can’t start walking (or shopping) in the right direction.

3) Be brutally honest with yourself. Do you want to keep it cause it’s a gem or cause your inner hoarder is clawing it’s way out from the depths of your soul? One thing I do to ease the process is by clearing my closet with someone I trust to be objective (Hi Mum) and unforgivably honest.

4) Organize, organize, organize. My mother told me this years ago, to which I told her she has major OCD problems, but now I have to admit painful defeat. Categorize your closet, it makes everything so much better.

5) Recycle! Clearing your closet doesn’t mean it’s the end. Selling your clothes makes for an opportunity to add to your new wardrobe, and donating some clothes just makes you feel great about doing something good. Makes the goodbyes much less bitter.


While I dive into clearing my closet this Monday afternoon; what are some tips you have for simplification? Here’s to new wardrobe beginnings!

Skirt: MDS collections, Top: H&M, Shoes: Converse


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