Barely there

So I recently had the fortune of becoming The Hair Shop’s new in house model, of which I got to work with Loreal and Shu Uemura for my first shoot, which was a total blast! I’m not foreign to wild hair colours, but I’ve never really played with 3 colours at once and it’s left me feeling pretty outside myself on some days. I’m not a pro seasoned model so being a complete canvas is something I’m personally getting used to.


Thankfully, the lovely people at The Hair Shop let me drop by yesterday to get my locks chopped off again – a decision I made for myself (yay! Haha). That’s when my stylist told me to gear up for the next shoot where shaving would be involved! A tad vague but it’s enough for me to be shaking in my boots.

I’m always game for something exciting and new but I’ve got to admit this has left me biting my nails just a liiiiittle bit. On one hand I’m totally excited but at the same time I’m nervous about what I have to bring to the table.


Honesty time: I still find myself struggling to feel fully comfortable in my skin sometimes; and while this opportunity has been awesome, knowing that all eyes are on you to deliver can be really nerve wrecking. Sometimes feeling like you have to be a certain something may feel daunting, doesn’t it? So today, I decided to take it down a notch or two and put my best fresh face forward. Sometimes we gotta bare down to move ahead, you know what I mean?


My minimal beauty routine like today starts with a moisturising sunblock, followed by a light coat of foundation. I have really thin and short eyebrows so usually I lengthen them with eye shadow or a pencil, but on a day like today where it’s about playing up your natural features, I use Benefit’s give me brow to enhance the appearance of my natural brows. I then line my eyes with a Kohl eye-liner pencil in either purple or black. For all you brown eyed girls out there; purple makes your brown eyes pop so try it out! Now I curl my  lashes and apply some light mascara before applying concealer on spots if I have any…and that’s all!


Putting on a fresh face can be really therapeutic; and while we all have very different faces, how about playing yourself up instead of covering up? XX

Make up brands:
Sunblock: Biore
Foundation and Eye-liner: Tarte
Mascara and Brow filler: Benefit
Concealer: Shu Uemura


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