Vested Interests

The long vest has been making its rounds this season; and I am all in. I dare say it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. It was only sensible (right) that I had to have the longest one I could find; and it truly was love at first sight.


Adding a tailor-made feel, this Zara piece flows in all the right ways with its long side slits. Keeping things simple and casual this warm Friday afternoon, I coupled a wrap crop with shredded jeans and kept things contrasted by keeping to blacks and whites.


While I’d love to jump on the summer trench bandwagon, the heat this side of the equator just won’t relent. The vest is a great alternative for those of you suffering from the heat and humidity and it lets you inject a bit of the menswear trend into your everyday outfit.


I topped my outfit off with a vintage leopard printed round cross-body bag from Loewe; just to add a touch of texture to the whole look. A muted or brightly coloured option would have gone just as well, almost anything would and that’s the beauty of it.


While my interests remain (in)vested in this trend this season and many season to come (I see us having a long beautiful future), what are your thoughts? TGIF kids! xx

Top: Flea market
Jeans: Editor’s Market
Vest: Zara
Shoes: Marks & Spencer’s
Bag: Loewe


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