Welcome to the Jungle

Let’s start the week off with a skip, hop and jump. It’s another Monday, the start to another week, and there’s just no rest for the wicked. Since I’ve started working on this blog, I’ve found myself constantly thinking of ways to create better content and up my game for those of you who are kind enough to wander and stop by this part of the internet. It’s a jungle out here, and it’s a constant competition, whether you realise it or not; to get a slice of the action. It’s time to show our spots and bring our A-game to the table.



I’ve been really inspired by Glass Animals’ – Gooey. Dishing out a really laid back, animalistic, “I could care less about what you think” vibe. Leopard works in the same way; subtle with strength. There’s no need for an overhaul when playing with the print, think of it as the MVP of your outfit, it’s a hell of a team player. A number of pre-fall collections are showcasing the feline print,  and we can take a page from Prada pre-fall 2015 collection, even if it’s just to get an eyeful of the beautifully juxtaposed outfits.

2015-05-08 15.09.38-01 2015-05-08 15.09.05-01

The urban jungle that we live in can be harder to navigate than we anticipate; catty comrades in disguise, and fierce competition every where we turn. It’s a lot to absorb, but it’s inspiring when you allow it to be.

Singapore is small, but it’s been bustling and bursting at its seams. We have a strong wave of creatives coming out and putting on their best everyday, not just locally, but internationally. Looking at the big picture like that, it can make a start-from-scratch girl like myself feel small. But in the immortal words of Britney; you better work. Get motivated by your surroundings, get inspired by people doing amazing things, and definitely, by all means, go for it too.

I’m baring my spots and putting my game face on this Monday as we head on into the week; let me know how you guys are getting motivated too.

PS. Here’s some personal sources of local-bred inspiration:

Music: The Sam Willows

Fashion: YESAH

Art & Design: Teeteeheehee

Top & Skirt: Topshop, Vest: Zara, Shoes: Flea Market


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