Sports wear to everywhere

Sports wear has hastily become street wear and for good reason. Sports and designer houses have teamed together to create beautiful numbers that are just begging to be worn for that casual, uber-cool street vibe everyone loves (see: Stella McCartney for Adidas).

For the rest of us that are living by our budgets, brands like H&M and Cotton On Body are great pocket-friendly alternatives. Taking a step from designers and big sporting houses, these brands have upped their ante to gift us with cool, modern, and on trend pieces as well.


I’m a creature of comfort, and have long since grown to live in my Cotton On Body wear. On a rainy Friday morning like this one, I start the day off with a little bit of yoga just to relax into the day before I hit the ground running. I love how sports wear is gravitating toward a more crop top like cut for sports bras, making them more street friendly.


To take your sports wear to well, everywhere, prints are textures are your friend. Building on the bare essentials, I paired my printed pant with a white zipper-front sports bra, just to bring a cohesiveness to the look without being too matchy.


I threw on my fail safe leather biker and floral sneakers to add some colour to an otherwise monochromatic look. An easy alternative would be a hoodie of your choice, or an oversized denim jacket. Fabrics that add texture that are not usually associated with sports wear keeps your look from coming across too gym ready.


I personally prefer to keep a majority of my colours cool-hued, greys, whites, and blacks allow my to easily elevate a sports wear outfit, and lets prints and designs take main stage. I do however, love pops of neon with the sports wear look; keeping it modern and fun.


Sports wear has evolved so rapidly and become a heavily worn street trend. How do you guys feel about sports wear as street wear? And how do you guys do it? Have a stellar weekend and namaste!

Jacket: Zara

Top and Yoga Pants: Cotton On Body

Shoes: H&M



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  1. The captures are great, i love the combination with the leather jacket 🙂

  2. Great post! Nice styling !
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog.


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