Charles and Keith: The minimalist summer shoe edit

If I had to describe Charles & Keith in two words, they would be: affordable luxury. I feel that this summer has been a summer of understated luxuries, what with minimalism getting lots of love (from me too obviously). With minimalism taking streetstyle by storm, what better way to celebrate the simple luxuries in life then to turn to Charles and Keith’s latest uber modern and chic summer shoe collection.

The Wedge:
2015-L3-CK1-80480167-03-3-500 2015-L3-CK1-80480167-03-1-500

The Wedge is a quintessential summer shoe, think tropical island vacations, lounging at a beach club, viva la summer! Charles and Keith added a modern spin to this summer staple by adding asymmetrically monochromatic duo-tones to the wedge. The thing I love about their new summer collection as a whole is the underlying sport luxe vibe I get from their unexpected choice in materials and colours. I could see these paired with a sundress just as well as a pair of joggers.

The Mule:

2015-L3-CK1-60360780-01-1-500 2015-L3-CK1-60360780-01-3-500Fashion has come full circle a lot this season, most noticeably seen with the revival of all things 70s, groovy indeed. The mule, which used to be associated with your mum’s closet (and not in the good way), received a new breath of life this season as well. The new mule is contemporary, comfortable, and cool; it’s a no-brainer as to why we’re all dying to slip into a pair of our own (just ask Taylor Swift)

The Sneaker:

2015-L3-CK1-70930010-01-1-500 (1)2015-L3-CK1-70930010-01-3-500

I’d describe this sneaker as the love child of summer’s hottest trends. I’ve seen a few mesh sneakers in the market, but the addition of the elastic inserts puts this pair at the top of my list. Creating the illusion of a cut-out structure, it gives this sneaker an architectural oomph, perfectly balancing the puff and chunk the sneaker-mesh combo, giving it a super slick finish.

The Lace-up Flat:

2015-L4-CK1-70300311-01-3-500 2015-L4-CK1-70300311-01-1-500

I’m sure we’ve all seen a pair of these babies on the hottest bloggers and done fabulously on Michael Kors’ Spring Runway, I mean I can’t flip through Instagram without seeing a pair, probably because they go with most anything on most any occasion. It’s easy to understand the hype; it’s sweet, sexy, and polished, and this leather number is no different. With it’s zip-back finish it even takes away the hassle of lacing these babies up, what’s there not to love?

The Heel:

2015-L3-CK1-60920017-03-3-500 2015-L3-CK1-60920017-03-1-500

I’d have to admit to some bias – seeing as I just bought this pair for myself, but my favouritism is fully warranted. The ankle strap heel has been a hot number for a few seasons now, what with it being so elegant and versatile. This reverse block heel spin on the classic caught my eye with its sport luxe look and snakeskin embossed finish. The textures of the shoe adds perfect character and dimension, bringing it a level above its classic counterparts. And this is just my personal bit but, the Velcro strap is everything.

The Sandal:

2015-L4-CK1-70900012-03-1-500 2015-L4-CK1-70900012-03-3-500

I tend to be underwhelmed by flat sandals, I’ve always gravitated to full foot coverage with the exception of heels and flip flops. With the revival of the chunky sandal this season, I have to admit to a change in my tune. This ankle-strapped number walks the line of tomboyish femininity perfectly, giving a slight gladiator vibe and I’m smitten. Comfort aside, it’s really interesting to see fresh spins on old backyard staple, transforming it into a new-age city staple.

I decided to keep this selection monochrome, a colour scheme I’ve been loving since my minimalism obsession is still going strong. I find that the black & white schemes emphasizes the fresh crispness of the designs and textures, which I’ve been going on and on and ooooon about lately (I apologize). They do offer a great deal of warm colours and mix-and-match prints too for those of you who want a bit more colour, so do check their site out! xx

Do let me know if there’s a summer shoe you love that I’ve missed out, and I hope you guys are having a great summer! xx

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