The Modern Hippie

The Smart Hippie
Today’s curated look is all about the 70s vibe that everyone has been loving lately. I was hugely inspired by Florence Welch’s modern rocker hippie look that she manages to pull off so effortlessly. For the rest of us mere mortals, I decided to build this set around the idea of very 70s cut pieces with flared finishes, I coupled that with hues that pay homage to the time like deep maroons and burnt browns. My modern twist comes with very off-the-moment injections of metallics, pastels, and timeless pieces; a good pointed boot, and understatedly cool statement accessories.
I’m so in love with Florence Welch and her cool kid vibe, so making this set was so fun and easy, I hope you guys enjoy this, and do share some sets you’d like to see along with some of your favourite muses of the moment! xx

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