Gucci Resort 2016: Have we had enough retro?

Being a house that has catered to European and Hollywood elite alike, it’s a no brainer that Gucci was all on board in sparing no expense for the debut of their Resort 2016 line – after all, they couldn’t let Dior dominate that easily.With a star studded audience waiting with bated breath, the show commenced with models emerging from a building across the street, talk about an entrance.

Gucci’s Resort 2016 line is unabashedly retro. It doesn’t hint to an older, better, funkier time; it immerses you in it. This is Alessandro Michele’s second collection for the fashion house, and while he did take hits for the retro influences evident in his design when he debuted, Michele stuck to his guns to produce a stellar second collection that has the fashion world singing praises.

With a trend as hot as 70’s, 60’s retro, it’s easy for the market to starts to appear over saturated, repetitive, boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love the full-circle nature of fashion, and how people are reacting to the good rolling positive vibes of the 70s, but we don’t want to sentence this trend to overdone death too early, do we?

Alessandro has, in my opinion, given retro new meaning. Forgoing any sort of minimalism, Alessandro described the styling of the collection to be “A modern translation of decorative. It’s one of my obsessions,I tried to put together some beautiful kind of dressing in an eccentric way.” With Michele at the helm of Gucci, a sense of renewal is in the air; we can expect a new era of soft romanticism, sweet quirks, and understated luxury. Alessandro’s reinvention of retro this season was an understated necessity, a retro that truly contributes to the trend and the fashion world; and it’s such a marvel.

In my opinion, fashion isn’t just about creating beautiful pieces any more, it’s about creating a whole new ecosystem, how we live, how we think, how we interact with our surroundings, how we take in experiences –  it’s a state of mind and Michele is a fine example of a designer that understands the importance of that.

gucci-003-1366 gucci-004-1366 gucci-006-1366 gucci-012-1366 gucci-017-1366 gucci-020-1366 gucci-023-1366 gucci-030-1366
Do share your thoughts about the collection, and if you think retro is getting over done! While I pine over Gucci’s gorgeous baby blue gown, I hope you guys have a great weekend ahead! Positive vibes only kids! XX

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