Jump(suit)ing to conclusions

I finally forayed into the deep blue and bought myself a piece I never thought I would: a jumpsuit. I’d always gotten the notion that I’m too tiny to pull off a jumpsuit, the limbs just aren’t Giselle enough, you get my drift. It’s obvious that I’m taken, and that I have to take back the notion that only tall girls can rule the jumpsuit department. Today I style this simple and elegantly cut (I’m crazy about the flare and low back) jumpsuit in a few ways.

KTS2~0144-01 KTS2~0196-01 KTS2~0202-01




KTS2~0258-01 KTS2~0297-01 KTS2~0313-01

I wanted this look styled simply with a bit of a rough around the edges finish, and I think it these looks could go great with any jumpsuit, regardless of cut. It makes the jumpsuit slightly more everyday wearable (not that you need a reason to wear it anyway),  I picked these styling options because hip skimming jackets will help you lengthen the look of your legs and accentuate your beautiful shape. The denim brings out a I-could-care-less youthfulness, which would go perfectly with a pair of fun graphic sneakers. To take things a bit darker and date night ready, try a leather jacker for some edgy sexiness. To not look like you’re engulfed in black, just add some movement throughout the outfit; roll the sleeves up to your elbows, heck, pop a collar if you’re feeling it. I kept my accessories simple around the neck, I just love the delicacy of the silver chain next to neck line of the jumpsuit, while keeping the hardware strong with full fists of rings. If your jumpsuit has a simple cut, I’d recommend a choker necklace or a body chain. I’d top off this leather jacket combo with a good pair of white ankle strap heels (aka my new obsession)  like these.

To change things up a bit, the last look I styled focuses on hair and make-up for a more laid-back feminine look:KTS2~0365-01 KTS2~0320 1-01 KTS2-0353-01

For all my mid-length girls out there, just part your hair to one side, and then tuck the remaining hair you have behind your ear, twist it, tuck it at the base of your hair and bobby pin it to hold, done! Mousse helps keep everything held together so try that out too if you like, but before all the twisting and pinning. If your hair is longer, you could do the same but instead, braid your hair before pinning it down for an edgier look.

So the moral of the story kids: don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t wear a jumpsuit. It’s all about trying things on and being open to surprises and once you get pleasantly surprised, don’t let it go. Tailoring that happens to compliment you, especially with intricate pieces like jumpsuits shouldn’t be ignored! Unless of course you are Giselle then this talk was moot.

Here’s to more sweet surprises eh? xx

Don’t forget to comment and leave your thoughts and share your ideas, I’m always interested in reading what you’ve got to say! Have a great week ahead guys!!

Shot by: Terence Lee

Jumpsuit and leather jacket: Zara

Denim jacket: Uniqlo

Rings: Foundry&Co and StonedbyQ



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  1. happened to stumble upon your blog and i love it! 🙂

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