Paint it red

I recently wrote about the merits of the little white dress and all its chic classic splendour. As a continuation of what I’d like to imagine is a saga of new classics one should have in their wardrobe arsenal, comes the red dress. I’d describe the red dress as a sartorial red-bull, it’s a pop, a zing and an oomph to any outfit, and for any occasion. It’s perfect for a flirty date night number, for a subtle va-va-voom vibe, or to bring some attitude to your everyday outfit.

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My versatile piece of choice was a red t-shirt dress with a slight coral tone, which *tip of the moment* compliments the slightly yellow undertones of Asian skin. I find the cut of t-shirt dresses to be a great canvas for an array of styling experimentations; from slightly more kawaii skewed vibes, to a more sophisticated and slick look. I paired this red dress with a pair of chunky blue high cut sneakers because I love how both of them pop in an unexpectedly complimentary way; blues and reds are actually surprisingly complimentary to almost any colour, so if you’re looking for fun and function, try experimenting with these lovely hues. I styled three looks, once again with my fail safe wardrobe must haves: a denim jacket and a leather jacket, to show that you don’t need a trillion different pieces to update your look, start trying out new accessories, new pairings, new beauty looks, and you’ll be pretty surprised by yourself. I’ve personally found some styles that are fast becoming my favourites, like layering chokers and necklaces, or the slicked back hairstyle, which has a touch of formality without looking too uptight and fussy; just get your hair damp and work some mousse into your strands and push it whichever way you like. Easy ain’t it?

So have some fun discovering new classics and paint the town red, go get gutsy with yourself or flirty with your date tomorrow night and just have a good time. After all, as Bill Blass once said, “When in doubt, wear red.” And I’d say he’s on the money, wouldn’t you?

Have a great weekend guys and let me know what some of your new favourite wardrobe classics are! xx

Shot by: Terence Lee

Dress & Leather Jacker: Zara
Denim Jacket: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Rings: Stoned by Q, Foundry&Co
Choker: Dorothy Perkins



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  1. Omg that dress! Love it. Love this post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx

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