Summer lovin

I talk a lot about the eternal state of summer in Singapore, but there’s nothing like a real tropical getaway to the true summer vibes rolling. I’ve got a ticket to Koh Samui with my name on it and I’m really stoked to be filled with a new wave of inspiration. Have you ever worked around the clock for something you love till you start to feel like you’ve run yourself right into a hamster ball type situation? The passion still burns but the lethargy sets in and you’re all moans and groans by the time the weekend rolls around?

I love writing this blog and working on it to share what I can with you guys, and it means the world to me, how supportive all of you who stop by and comment are. There was a time this year where I would have never dreamt that I’d be able to post on a blog, talk about myself or give my opinions because I’d been ridiculed for a long time, by a group of people I let myself be judged by, and I guess all of us can relate to that. But doing this blog was a way of saying I’m not gonna let other people scare me into hiding. So before I go off and recharge to bring you guys my world and words in more vivid colour, I’d like to say, do what makes you really happy, and never look back. Dive right into the deep end and enjoy every bit of the ride. I hope as time goes on, to share more with you guys as you walk with me through my life in words and pictures, but for now, let’s keep the good vibes rolling shall we?

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Thinking about cocktails and cabanas has got me thinking in vivid colour again and I’m so excited that my enthusiasm is boiling over with some sick summer style inspiration. I’m loving the idea of clean mornings, bowls of fruit and loads of chocolate almond milk on the beach front. Skin and the beaming golden sun, sand and sea, rich greens and mellow blues. I love the idea of soft pastels and wools set against the richness of nature in all its splendour, or the sharpness of whites and blacks amongst the busyness of life’s fauna. Watching the waves roll in and out, star gazing in the evenings and having the chance to just experience the present.

Stay tuned for more regular updates on my instagram @katsandbombs, I hope you guys will enjoy a look into Koh Samui with me for the next few days! Don’t forget to share your summer experiences in the comments and have a great week ahead! xx

Images from tumblr sites: Brigadeirochoc, ginger-and-black, courtneymolyneaux, always-not-there, fl-o-ra.


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