Wrapped Up

In my attempt to fight off a cold while trying to keep up with the mandatory full attendance quota (cue eye roll), I’ve instead found myself wrapped up like a human burrito rocking a nose that would put Ruldolph to shame. While I seem to be in a state that I can only describe as a 24-hour trans – not the groovy sort – I decided to turn my attention, as limited as it seems to be, to a summer layer situation less cocoon-esque.

DSC_2380 DSC_2393 DSC_2401 DSC_2404 DSC_2422 DSC_2427 DSC_2451 DSC_2464 DSC_2498 DSC_2506 DSC_2510 1 DSC_2515DSC_2509 1When you find yourself facing 33 degree heatwaves with sprinkles of summer storms that always seems to catch the best of us off guard, summer layering doesn’t seem as excessive as it sounds. I’d say it would be safe to keep your leather jackets at home for a while and turn to something a little breezy, which I found in this bell-sleeved calf-length number; think slouchy and light, for that too cool for school nonchalance. When the heat turns up, ideally the less cloth worn the better, but for some of us who don’t have the luxury of rocking the booty short without getting disapproving stares, a distressed boyfriend jean makes for a surprising ally. For a dressier option that ties the whole silhouette together, I went with a wrap style crop paired with strappy heels, which are perfect for running from work to wherever really, just away from work, I kid (not so much). There aren’t any hard and fast rules, so just remember to compliment your body shape, have billowy tops with sleek bottoms, or if you were blessed with legs-till-there, rock a sneaker or strappy sandal instead, just cause you can.

While I saunter off, probably to blow my nose and get dressed to the nines in blankets, I hope the rest of you stay cool. XX

Photos by Terence Lee.

Coat: Zara
Heels: The editor’s market
Watch: Forrest



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  1. Loving everything about this outfit! I’ll have to recreate it!

  2. Cute look! love your jeans

  3. itsallaboutsonia July 18, 2015 — 4:42 pm

    lovely pics fab look

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