Malaya Co.

Well this is embarrassing, I’ve been sitting on a piece that I’ve been eager to share with you guys but I suppose time got away from me (this pun will become apparent in a second).

A group of truly creative young individuals have come together to make the hearts of every minimalist skip a beat. To sum up this exciting new brand in three words – Malaya Co. is relevant, minimal, and functional. This whole idea started innocently enough, from a school module; to create anything that links the past and future of creator Moe who studied in London College of Communications. He turned to his roots, Malaya, and used it as his inspiration. One serendipitous summer break in 2014 found partners Joshua, Shahida and Moe coming together to produce Malaya Co’s first product: a sleek timepiece with industrial function that has since found a rapidly growing fan base in the South East Asian region as well as the UK – it was so popular in fact, that the students had to cease sales in the UK before having their student visas revoked; not too shabby huh?

R0010552 R0010563

The idea of Malaya Co. grew into itself, with no clear initial direction. But as fate had it, it seemed to find its way to its roots, receiving great support from its namesake market, Malaysia, which led this brand to our sunny shores.

One thing these creatives behind Malaya Co. would like you to remember is – this is not a watch company. It’s a design concept firm with much more to offer beyond this versatile little piece it’s becoming known for. Think of it this way – take an everyday item, and strip it down to its bare form. Think simple, think clean, think functionality like never before. Each new product we may come to expect from these talented young individuals works to add to their creative portfolio. With their aim to launch one major and minor product a year, it seems like their portfolio (and the rest of us) is in for some exciting times – the team even hopes to expand their industrial minimalism design to concept spaces.

R0010583 R0010597

If you had any doubt in this team, I’d say the proof’s in the pudding. Their first product had been wildly well received, and for good reason. Malaya Co.’s array of watches is a chic minimal dream. Focusing on a rather neutral palette inspired by military and industrial minimalism, it’s all about understated appeal, less is more, get my drift? With its NATO technology, interchanging between your nylon and leather strap (that’s right you get both) can be done with a flick of the wrist (almost literally). The beauty of this piece is that its simplicity and versatility has allowed it to stumble into the wonderful realm of being a wardrobe staple.

It was amazing to sit and listen to how these great things have transpired for these awesome individuals, and it’s even more exciting to hear about what they’ve got in store. With collaborations in store, and new ideas in the works, the sky’s the limit. When asked, Joshua said he’d love to reinvent the wheel (I smell some mad science brewing) – it’s all about looking at something and hopefully making it better, a noble cause if I do say so myself.

R0010639 R0010641

So go check them out at Third Culture and on their instagram account @malayacompany and don’t forget to follow them for what’s in store!

Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did writing it again. Sorry for the lack of updates – it’s been an avalanche of assignments – but I hope to be on top of everything soon! Over and out kids!


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  1. It’s the first time we heard about this brand, but we understand why it’s been so successful.
    The design is simple and perfect!
    Thank you for the discovery!

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